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Hard water (calcium and magnesium) is a common problem for most home owners and businesses such as laundry, especially in Canada. Hardness minerals combined with heat forms troublesome scale, which causes costly built-up in your plumbing, heater and water using appliances. Hard water combined with soap forms a soap curd or scum that makes skin dry and itchy, hair lifeless, laundry dull and built-up on fixtures. You may deserve the benefits of soft water such as silky shiny hair, soft supple skin, crystal clear dishes and glassware, bright whites, easier cleaning, protection of plumbing, lower water heating cost, less soap and saving money. Water Emporium carries a selection of water softeners for sale or rent. Size matters in softeners.

Sale(Rent) Price

24,000 Grain

(Tank size 8"x44")

for 1-2 people

at $875($35/mo.)

plus HST

32,000 Grain

(Tank size 9"x48")

for 3-4 people

at $975($38/mo.)

plus HST

48,000 Grain

(Tank size 10"x54")

for 5-6 people

at $1,050($42/mo.)

plus HST

64,000 Grain

(Tank size 12"x52")

for 6+ people

at $1,150($45/mo.)

plus HST

* Minimum rental period is 48 months. Prices and information may change without notice.


If your house is pre-plumbed for a water softener, the installation cost is $180. If your house is not pre-plumbed, the cost will be between $350 and $600.

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