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Water Emporium offer convenient delivery(Monday thru Friday) in GTA. A regular delivery may be chosen such as every 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks, or you may call for delivery in rush before the scheduled delivery day for your area. You may see how easy and fast it is to have water at your door and just call or email today.

Two types of water, RO and Distilled, are available in a choice of 5 gallon(18 litre) and 3 gallon(11 litre) refillable bottles, and 4 litre in disposable bottles. Our 5 and 3 gallon bottles have a $10.00 deposit.

Delivery Price 

5 gallon RO and Distilled 

at $7.50/bottle 

(minimum 6 per del.) 

3 gallon RO and Distilled 

at $5.00/bottle 

(minimum 8 per del.) 

4 liter RO and Distilled 

at $2.50/bottle 

(minimum 16 per del.) 

* Prices and information may change without notice.

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